People & Culture

Culture is a big deal at SIMPEC, it has been forged on community spirit and mateship.  We operate in a candid environment where we value real collaboration and connection with people as people, and not as commodities. We are genuinely committed to live our values and walk the talk.

A Leadership Team 'Like No Other'

Mark Dimasi

Managing Director
Mark is a highly experienced Project Manager with 22 years of experience in Management positions within Engineering, Construction and Asset Management industries.

David Dimasi

General manager E&i
David is an experienced and diligent Project Manager and leader of industrial and commercial teams executing E&I works.

Luke Johnson

HSEQ Manager
Luke is a Health, Safety and Environmental professional with 17 years’ experience with significant career exposures across oil & gas and mining - brownfields & greenfield environment.

Sattar Aziz

Technical Manager
Sattar is highly dedicated and a successful Professional Engineer who has over 25 years experience with significant career exposures across oil and gas and mining.

Gareth Briggs

Operational Manager
Gareth has over 15 years’ experience in Engineering and Project Management on many greenfield and brownfields projects for tier one clients in the Mining and Oil & Gas industries.

Ivan Ruefli

Head of Strategy and Growth
Ivan brings to the SIMPEC team deep understanding of management and leadership in a growing construction business.

Jon Martellotta

Project Manager
Jon is highly dedicated and a successful Professional Engineer who has over 10 years experience with significant career exposures across oil and gas and mining.

Brent Swan

Commercial Manager
Brent brings to SIMPEC extensive corporate and project based commercial, contract and project controls experience in both an EPC and contractor capacity.

Nicole Huang

Financial Controller
As a Chartered Practicing Accountant for 15 years, Nicole brings to SIMPEC extensive financial and accounting experience to deliver internal and external performance reporting, financial planning and analysis, finance controls and policy frameworks.

Julianne Dimasi

Office Manager
Julianne is a highly capable, enthusiastic and motivated Office Manager with extensive experience in supporting mid and senior-level managers by providing consistent and extensive administration support.

Leadership Team

The traditional corporate hierarchy has given way to fluid, cross-functional teams that assemble around a specific project or initiative. Rather than static groups of direct reports charged with executing plans handed down from above. SIMPEC leaders today manage diverse teams empowered to operate with agility, autonomy and an emphasis on innovation.

SIMPEC believes that leadership through influence and motivation rather than authoritarian fiat promotes a stronger culture that ultimately delivers greater results.

Leadership today requires an environment of shared purpose and trust, where employees are valued and encouraged to proffer ideas and take calculated risks. Encouraging collaboration and initiative, SIMPEC leaders empower teams to drive autonomous decision making.


SIMSAFE reflects the high level of importance SIMPEC places on safety, our values and attitudes. Deeply entrenched in our business SIMSAFE can be characterised as ‘the way we do things.

The “SIM” in SIMSAFE is Safety in Mates, echoing our mateship and effort to keep each other safe. SIMSAFE is the visual identity of SIMPEC’s culture, a culture that promotes personal safety and responsibility to make safe behaviours by clear choice.

SIMPEC believes that our people do the right thing, not because they have too, because they want too. It is their personal safety culture which can be defined as “It’s what you do when no one is looking”.

indigenous engagement

Respecting Land and Culture

SIMPEC builds enduring relationships with indigenous communities, respecting indigenous cultural heritage.

As an Australian owned and operated business, SIMPEC believes that working with indigenous communities is vital to sustaining the long-term viability of our business and industry. SIMPEC works with the indigenous communities through the following, but not limited streams:

·      Employment and Training
·      Sponsorship
·      Commissioning Artwork and
.      Subcontractor Partnerships

Careers @ SIMPEC

We have many opportunities available at SIMPEC and are always looking for new people
to join our team. If you are interested in joining SIMPEC, send us your CV.