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Metronet Project - Thales GTSA

Thales GTSA
Sydney, NSW
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Project Overview

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The project will extend metro rail services from Sydney’s Northwest region - currently being serviced by Sydney Metro Northwest (SMNW) - through the CBD and beyond to Bankstown in Sydney’s Southwest. The project includes a network of new underground tunnels, new underground CBD stations and an upgrade and conversion to metro rail for the existing Bankstown line & associated stations.

Client Overview

Thales is a global technology leader with more than 77,000 employees on five continents. In the markets of defence and security, aerospace and space, digital identity and security, and transport, Thales provides solutions, services and products to help its customers to carry out their critical missions. Thales Australia has been awarded a contract to deliver the over CCS and COM packages for the Metronet, which include the design, manufacture, supply, delivery, installation, test, commissioning, maintenance and a 27-month Defect Liability Period (DLP) from Practical Completion.

Scope of Work

SIMPEC were chosen by Thales to provide electrical and communication construction, quality assurance and test and commissioning of the Central Control Systems (CCS) and Communication packages of Martin Place Station. Along with the completion and commissioning of various other Sydney Metro sites.

The principal components supplied for the Sydney Metro City & Southwest CCS are:

·       Central Management Control System (CMCS)

·       Database Management System

·       Operator and maintenance workstations

·       Integrated backup panels

·       Front-End Processors, Field Programmable Logic Controller  

·       MCS local area network

·       Operator consoles, workbenches, kick bars and panic buttons

·       Software proofing platform/software development system

·       Training system

·       Data Communication Network (DCN)

·       IT local area network

Communication Systems Overview - The communication systems provide critical services to operators and passengers and include the following subsystems.

·       Transmission Network (TN)

·       Local Data Network (LDN)

·       Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

·       Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

·       Public Address System (PAS)

·       Clock System (CLK)

·       Telephone System (TEL)

·       Voice Recorder System (VRS)

·       Hearing Augmentation Loop System (HALS)

·       Electronic Access Control System (EAC)

Block Wiring Network (BWN)

This contract was established due to SIMPEC’s unwavering focus on ensuring our customer needs are met and our teams work safely each and every day.

Key Facts

·     92,316 meters of cable installed

·     2200 assets installed

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