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Iron Bridge Wet Process Plant Construction

Fortescue Metals Group Pty Ltd
Pilbara, WA
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Project Overview

date completed
October 2023

A considerable amount of the wet process plant will be pre-assembled off Site by FMG. SIMPEC will receive these modules at the Site and safely install and interconnect them. SIMPEC’s scope of work includes the structural & mechanical, module installation including complexing and hook-up of all prefabricated modules. The works also include installation of Principal supplied Items such as piping, electrical and instrumentation/controls activities associated with the Project. Our works also include the supply, construction, installation, construction and verification of non-modular “stick built” structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation works for the entirety of the Wet Process Plant. Fortescue is a global leader in the iron ore industry, recognised for its culture, innovation and industry-leading development of world class infrastructure and mining assets in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Client Overview

Fortescue’s wholly owned and fully integrated operations in the Pilbara include the Chichester and Solomon mining hubs, the Western Hub, home to the Eliwana mine. The new Iron Bridge Mine comprises the North Star, Eastern Limb and Glacier Valley magnetite iron ore deposits located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This project will include the construction of a process plant, non-process infrastructure, slurry and return water pipelines, a raw water pipeline and port infrastructure to enable 22 wmtpa production.

Scope of Work

Mechanical/Structural/Piping and Electrical Installation Works:

Module Installation Work:

  • Installation of 276 modules weighing up to 100 Tonnes each

Mechanical – Over 1000 Items:

  • Approximately 63 items including Tanks, Bins and LFCU
  • Tower Mills
  • Three 74-meter diameter tails thickeners’
  • Over 240 items including Pumps, motors, agitators, and samplers  

Steel & Pipework:

  • 1380 Tonnes of Structural Steel Erection
  • 17.5 kilometres of carbon steel pipe
  • 7.1 kilometres of rubber lined pipe  
  • 11.8 kilometres of HDPE pipe

Electrical & Instrumentation

  • Installation of 300 kilometres of cable with more than 31,000 terminations
  • Installation of 48 kilometres of conduit and cable trays
  • Installation and commissioning of 27,500 pieces of instrumentation and equipment  

This contract was established due to SIMPEC’s unwavering focus on ensuring our customer needs are met and our teams work safely each and every day.

Key Facts

  • Projected Peak manning levels of up to 400  
  • Projected Project over 830,000 manhours
  • Projected to deliver more than 31,000 ITR throughout the works
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