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ATCO | FMG – Eliwana Village

115km West-southwest of FMG’s Solomon Operation | Western Australia
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Project Overview

date completed
January 2020

During FY18, Fortescue’s Board of Directors approved the development of the Eliwana mine and rail project. With an estimated capital cost of US$1.275bn, the development consists of 143km of rail and a new 30mtpa dry OPF. The project underpins the introduction of a 60% iron grade product and will maintain Fortescue’s low-cost status, providing greater flexibility, while maintaining a minimum of 170 million tonnes per annum production rate over 20 years. The Eliwana project will build on Fortescue’s development and construction capability, utilising the latest technology, autonomous trucks and design efficiency while redeploying existing assets to this world leading development. SIMPEC Pty Ltd has been engaged to supply and install the Electrical, Communications and Fire services for the State of the Art, architecturally designed Village to house the construction and permanent operational workers for the Eliwana mine and rail facility.

SIMPEC will fulfil their key Electrical, Communications and Fire contract in the installation of the electrical, communications and fire distribution and its supporting infrastructure.

Client Overview

As the world's fourth-largest iron ore producer, Fortescue owns and operates integrated operations spanning three iron ore mine sites in the Pilbara, the five-berth Herb Elliott Port in Port Hedland and the fastest heavy haul railway in the world. Now consistently producing 170 million tonnes of iron ore per annum, Fortescue has grown to be one of the largest, global iron ore producers and has been recognised as the lowest cost seaborne provider of iron ore into China based on Metalytics Resources Sector Economics analysis. Fortescue’s head office is located in Perth, Western Australia.

Fortescue owns and operates integrated operations spanning three mine sites in the Pilbara, the fastest, heavy haul railway in the world and the five-berth Herb Elliott Port in Port Hedland. A natural extension of Fortescue’s supply chain, the fleet of eight Fortescue Ore Carriers was designed to complement the industry best practice efficiency of Fortescue’s Port.

Scope of Work

SIMPEC’s Scope of Work for the Eliwana Village Facilities include:

• Engineering Design

• Construction Management

• Supply and installation of Electrical, Communication and Fire Systems.

• Installation of ATCO provided area Lighting and Equipment

• Commissioning, Testing and Certification of Electrical cabling.

• Commissioning, Testing and Certification of Communication, Entertainment and Fire Systems.

This contract was established due to SIMPEC’s unwavering focus on ensuring our customer needs are met and our teams work safely each and every day.

Key Facts

• Engineering design and support.

• Complete Electrical, Communication and Fire Installation.

• Complexing of cabling between buildings.

• Commissioning of Communications and Fire systems.

• Commissioning of all HV and LV cabling.

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