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CBH Brookton Throughput Enhancement

CBH (Co-operative Bulk Handling) Group
Brookton, WA
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Project Overview

date completed
September 2021

The Brookton grain handling facility is a key storage and distribution centre for grain produced in the wheatbelt of WA. The expansion was to increase the conveyors handling to 500t per hour and to reduce dust generation. The work also involved upgrading the power supply to the plant by installing new distribution boards and modifying incoming power from the Western Power network. This project involved fabricating and installing more efficient chutes to handle increased grain output. Modifying the grain truck’s discharge pits, fabricating and installing new banana chutes as well as installing actuators to move chutes and reduce dust emission. The drive for the main 250m conveyor was relocated and this required cutting and resplicing the belt, building new footings for drive, and replacing the electrics feeding the drive motors.

All works described above were completed during a two-week shutdown of the area. With a week prior to the shutdown for setting up the site and preparing the areas for the shutdown to commence.

Client Overview

The CBH Group is Australia’s largest co-operative and a leader in the Australian grain industry, with operations extending along the value chain from fertiliser to grain storage, handling, transport, marketing, and processing. The CBH storage and handling system currently receives and exports more than 90 percent of the Western Australian grain harvest of 14 MT and is regarded as one of the best in the world.

CBH has total assets of around $1.8 billion and employees approximately 1,100 permanent staff and up to 1,800 casual staff during the harvesting season

Scope of Work

Mechanical/Structural/and Electrical works include:

• Fabricating new banana shaped chutes to distribute grain to conveyors.

• Building and installing three new transfer chute trolleys to direct grain feed to conveyors.

• Removal of old grain feeding dump pits and installing improved dump pits to receive grain from trucks.

• Building and installing new Conveyor feeding chutes.

• Relocating conveyor drive.

• Building and installing guard safety fences around conveyor feed chutes and gravity take up towers.

• Installing two new switchboards and modifying electrics.

• Excavating and installation of switchboard suspended slab and cable pit zones feeding the switchboards.

• Reinstatement of all structural and mechanical items above

• Testing and commissioning of the modified grain feed circuits

This contract was established due to SIMPEC’s unwavering focus on ensuring our customer needs are met and our teams work safely each and every day.

Key Facts

  • Relocating of the drive for the 250m feed conveyor.
  • Cutting and resplicing of the 250m conveyor belts
  • Electric modification to relocated drive and sequencing of the conveyor feed system.
  • Work including the additional activities completed on time.
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